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Maven Tools

Maven Tools is a collection of vanilla Java tools to work with Maven Projects and Repositories.

Why: To provide a lightweight way to work with Maven projects and repositories.


Maven Projects

To perform various operations on Maven Projects (folders which contain a pom.xml file), explore the MavenProject class:

MavenProject JavaDoc Source

Maven Local Repository

To perform operations on the local Maven repository, use the methods provided in the MavenLocalRepository class:

MavenLocalRepository JavaDoc Source

Maven Remote Repositories

To work with remote Maven repositories, use methods provided in the MavenRemoteRepository class:

MavenRemoteRepository JavaDoc Source

Upload Artifacts to Repository using RSync

For uploading artifacts to a remote repository using RSync, use the class MavenRsync.class:

MavenRsync JavaDoc Source

You can define the required parameters for a deployment using the DeploymentParamtersBuilder (JavaDoc, Source).

Maven Dependency

    <version>[latest version]</version>

Find latest version here.

Add repository if required:

        <id>Appjangle Releases</id>


This project is compatible with the following environments:

  • Java 1.6+
  • OSGi (any)


Apache 2.0

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